Cocaine Addiction In Canada Teens

“In Canada, cocaine is the most common drug of injection users, followed by heroin.” That’s why it is important for those who are struggling with substance abuse to get the help that they need early on. It is only then that they can make a fast break towards recovery once they have enrolled in a treatment program. However, each service is oftentimes dependent on the type of drug that the individual is addicted to as certain steps are taken based upon such. 

First and foremost cocaine is defined as “an addictive drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anesthetic.” Many have seen this substance in the form of white powder and while many refrain from using the drug others exemplify signs of addiction. But in order for one to distinguish such he/she must first make himself/herself aware of what cocaine use looks like in the life of the addict. In doing so, the sober individual may have the opportunity to prevent the death and/or injury of a family member, friend, and even a stranger whose life is consumed by or dependent on cocaine.

In turn, some of the effects the substance brings about is “Dilated pupils; increased temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; stress on the heart and circulatory system, increased energy and alertness; hyper stimulation, euphoria, and decreased appetite.” Granted, the signs listed above may not always be a result of addiction, but if one is using cocaine these are some of the short term symptoms that will present themselves physically in the user. In fact, some of the long term symptoms may very well be seen when one begins to withdrawal and/or receive treatment for cocaine. These come in the form of anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, etc. 

In conclusion, cocaine can be quite harmful due to its short term effects. These effects can cause the person who is struggling to feel as though he/she needs more of the drug. Then as the desired feel begins to wear off the individual’s addiction may begin to worsen as his/her tolerance continues to pick up. However, this depends on how frequently the individual uses and to what extent. That’s why it is important that one is careful because a drug such as cocaine can make it difficult for addicts to make sense of how much is too much. Consequently, when the euphoria vanishes, and after extensive use over time, long term symptoms may appear making it that much harder for addicts to quit abruptly. That’s why such drug addictions are better treated earlier rather than later. 

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