Substance abuse can be likened to an epidemic which spreads like wildfire. It surfaces in places where you least expect. One would be surprised as to how substance abuse creeped into the school system. The reason for this is not far-fetched, as some of them come from homes where these substances are commonly used, and they join in the act as time goes on.

Substance abuse is basically drug and alcohol abuse, and they are the commonest forms of addiction in the world today. A college student who is suffering from substance abuse, would definitely influence his friends in school. This is why you would see drinks and drugs available at a typical high school party.

To start with, substance abuse in college students makes them unruly. They become wild in their acts, and it is usually difficult to control them. There is a false confidence which comes with substance abuse, and considering the fact that most college students are in the growth and maturity phase, which is a very sensitive one, they find it hard to tell wrongs from rights.

In addition to this, college students who are hooked on substance abuse, would find it very hard to focus well in school. Usually, they would be at sea when it comes to academic activities, as their interest would be on the decline. However, when there is an opportunity for them to undergo substance abuse, they would literally jump at it.

Closely related to inability to focus in school, is poor grades. This is usually the end result when a student finds it difficult to take academics seriously, and instead uses his or her time for other frivolous activities. In some cases, if the student is not careful, he or she could get expelled due to poor academic performance.

An observant person would easily tell if a college student is addicted on substance use, and when this is spotted, it is essential that they go for treatment, in order to live a normal and healthy lifestyle as young people.

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