When students come into college, there is a level of freedom which it comes with. For most college students, it would be the first time whereby they would be completely responsible for the decisions they make, which will have an effect on their everyday life. With this new found freedom, college students will see themselves exploring new people, ideas and things.

These days, college students have more access to alcohol and drugs than in times past. Due to this availability in place, it is expected that, there is an increased risk of students coming down with such abusive habits all through the period of college.

Alcohol is one of the most used substances found in college, and it has been an aspect of college culture for a good number of years. Often times, when parties and events are organized among college students, alcohol is mostly used as the main drink for such events. Most students do not realize the dangers behind excessive drinking, as they are quite oblivious of the fact that, their lives could be endangered in the process.

College students who are addicted to alcohol, will find it hard to process thoughts clearly. Taking too much alcohol can cause risky behaviours, which include unprotected sex, loss of memory and the likes. It can also cause certain health issues such as damage to the liver, heart problems, alcohol poisoning and the likes.

Commonly, alcohol can be gotten in the dorm rooms of students, restaurants, student residences and a host of others.

Asides alcohol, another common source of addiction, is marijuana addiction. Marijuana is often referred to as pot, and a good number of students are known to use it, in order to relax effectively and combat stress.

Marijuana is known to affect motor functions of students, and it could also cause mental health problems, unnecessary anxiety and depression amongst others. Marijuana can also be gotten in the same places where alcohol can be found.

Conclusively, students who take marijuana usually fail to be motivated, and hence, they miss classes in the process, and fail eventually. It makes them difficult to understand and memorize school work, thereby making studying very difficult.


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