Safety measures for pedestrians to avoid drunk drivers

If there are drunk drivers on the road, then one of the categories of people at high risk is pedestrians. It is important to note that not all drivers will abide by the general road safety tips.

Hence, pedestrians need to look out for themselves so that they would not be victims of road accidents.

Here are some crucial safety measures for pedestrians

Avoid substance abuse

Just like drivers are advised not to indulge in substance abuse since they will be on the road most time, pedestrians need to take the same precaution.

When you take substances like alcohol and drugs, it affects your ability to walk safely.

Hence, avoiding substance abuse will help you maintain a safe distance on the road so that drunk drivers will not get the best of you.

Free People Walking on Pedestrian Lane during Daytime Stock Photo

Walk on the footways or sidewalk

Anytime you are on the road, locate the nearest footways to avoid being crushed by an oncoming vehicle. If you are on the sidewalk, there is a good chance that your life would be protected from drunk drivers.

Use the pedestrian bridge/cross safely

If you need to cross the road, your best bet would be to use the pedestrian bridge. Ideally, pedestrian bridges were constructed to help people safely get to the other side of the road.

This totally eliminates the risk posed by drunk drivers. If the road is not a major one, and you need to cross, look carefully before you take one step.

Don’t use headphones with music on

When some people are on the road, they use their headphones which tends to distract them. If you are listening to music, you might be distracted from what is going on while walking. Hence, keep your headphones away till you get to a safe spot where you can use them.


Pedestrians need to remember that when they are on the road, they are responsible for their lives. Therefore, it is important to be careful at all times to avoid getting knocked down by drunk drivers.

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