Signs that a driver is addicted to alcohol

One of the prohibited habits that most drivers are not expected to do is drinking and driving. It even gets worse when the driver is addicted to alcohol because they won’t be able to properly concentrate on the road.

Some of the deaths that happen on the road are due to the negligent activities of the drivers involved. This ongoing crime can be solved when addicted drivers are spotted and taken in off the road.

Here are some ways to know a driver is addicted to alcohol.

Driving pattern

When a driver is addicted to alcohol, you will discover that their on-road behavior is much different from that of a sober and professional driver.

An addicted driver operates on the road like they are above the law. Most of them don’t care about other drivers and pedestrians.

This is why they would be quick to cause problems on the road at the slightest provocation. On the other hand, some of these drivers act slowly on the road.

They take too much time when making decisions because they are unable to process thoughts at a normal rate.

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Risky behaviors

When an addicted driver is on the road, he is likely to engage in some risky activities like overspeeding, careless swerving, hurling abusive words at other drivers and pedestrians, etc.

You will notice that such behaviors are not typical of sober drivers.

The primary reason for this is, that alcohol has disrupted their normal level of reasoning. Hence, any activity on the road is likely to put them off the edge because they will perceive it as abnormal.



Addicted drivers need all the help they can get because their presence on the road poses a threat to other people. Hence, getting into rehab would be the first step to achieving sobriety in the long run.



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