Addiction is a term that everyone is familiar with. However, not everyone knows the in-depth meaning of this concept. Drug and alcohol addiction are the common types of addiction that are widespread, and have the capacity to affect anybody.

Generally, all forms of addiction follow a similar pathway, which is the search for the euphoric feelings produced in the brain. When an addictive act is in motion, dopamine is produced in the brain which reminds the individual over time how good it felt.

College students are not left out in the addiction problem, as one of the common types of addiction they face is internet addiction.

Internet addiction is the compulsive use of the internet without realizing how less productive it had made you be. When internet addiction is in motion, you will fail to note that it has taken over your life and it becomes impossible to pay attention to other important things.

College students who are addicted to the internet will most likely to perform well academically, expect those who are exceptionally gifted. Internet addicts will definitely pay more attention to the internet than their books, and it reflects in their academic performance.

For internet addicts, they spend almost the whole night on the internet, instead of either sleeping or reading. And the next day when they get to class, they find it difficult to concentrate. Some of them would still surf the internet in class because they cannot do without it.

If care is not taken, the addict would continue to have abysmally low results till he or she drops out or repeats a class.

To help college students who are struggling with addiction, it is advisable to have them visit the school’s counselor. A high level of discipline is needed to fight against internet addiction, and with the counselor in place, the addicted student would be equipped with ample support skills.

Just like other forms of addiction, internet addiction has the capacity to ruin the life of an individual if care is not taken.

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