It is a common sight for addiction to thrive among college students. The reason for this is, college students are at a very critical age of development. So, they are likely to be at the receiving end of everything which is good and bad.

Based on studies, adults who are currently addicted, picked up an addictive habit right from their college days. And one of the reasons why it was easy to pick up addictive habits is because of peer pressure. The longing to avoid being regarded as a child.

The commonest form of addiction among college students is substance addiction, which is further categorized into drug and alcohol addiction. College students love to party and when they hangout, they take drugs and alcohol. And some of them pick up the abusive habits from there.

Some of these students know that these substances are not good, but they cannot part with the pleasurable feelings that come with it.

Another type of addiction among college students is gambling addiction. This is the compulsive and obsessive desire to gamble. There are various gambling avenues for college students to stake their money so that they can make additional cash.

When a student begins to win through gambling, he is hooked and finds it difficult to stop the act. Eventually, he runs into financial problems because of the accrued losses from playing.

Internet addiction is another addiction that plagues college students. A good number of them spend excess time on the internet and it prevents them from being productive. Internet addiction is one of the reasons why some college students do not perform well academically.

Shopping addiction is also common among college students but it is not conventional. College students who are prone to shopping addiction, are those who have enough money. They would want to look better than their mates, so they will spend much on shopping.

Conclusively, there are other types of addiction that affect college students. And it is advisable to seek help from a rehab before it is too late.

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