Young adults are often faced with different forms of pressure and stressors in this stage of their life. They have a frontal lobe which is not developed, and this region of the brain is responsible for making decisions, impulse control and regulation of mood. At this stage, college students being in their pre-adulthood face are susceptible to substance abuse and addiction.

It is a fact that college students are more likely to be influenced by social pressures, and engaging in risky acts than other age factions. College students are usually of the opinion that drugs and alcohol assist them in fitting socially.

When it comes to reduction of inhibitions and raising the level of self-confidence, drugs and alcohol usually produce a short-term effect. They can potentially reduce the tough emotions for a while, making the college student to think that there is an escape from reality.

Taking drugs and alcohol at a young age prior to the development of the brain, can cause physical, emotional, social, behavioral and interpersonal problems. Since the brain is not fully developed, being addicted to drugs or alcohol could cause problems associated with memory and cognitive operations.

It could also increase the chances of health problems, and the possible contraction of infectious disease because of increased hazardous acts.

One of the major reasons why college students are addicted, is due to stress. They usually think that because they face loads of assignments and the likes at school, it becomes difficult to cope and hence stress is induced.

In addition, curiosity is another reason why college students get addicted. At this phase of their lives, they are open to trying out new things. Hence, based on what they have seen on the social media and the likes, they would want to see what the effect of drugs and alcohol do to their body.

Conclusively, peer pressure is one of the greatest causes of addiction. They hang out with people who take these substances, and they become influenced in return.

College students need the best of care and monitoring when it comes to addictive substances, and it is advised that professional help is sought for those who are addicted.

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